“This is your Supply Chain…scared to meet you”

How many of us making decisions that impact our business on a daily basis have a clear idea of how our supply chain is structured? Some might probably raise a hand, but how many have dedicated real time to go further upstream to understand what is going on beyond our tier 2 suppliers? Most of us don’t understand how relationships along and across tiers truly work and if there is any node that could pose a risk.

We are sure this is not the first time you have heard that “we are as fast as the slowest link in our supply chain and we are as good as the worst link in our supply chain”

At Linar Advisors, working with you, our client, we map and we show you your SC. You’ll be surprised and perhaps, more often than you can imagine, you may not like what you see.

Unfortunately for many, it has taken a crisis like the current Covid-19 pandemic to realize how poorly designed and managed their SCs are. We see Executives and Board members ask “who on earth designed this mess?…and the answer is: nobody.

Unlike cars that are initially designed and then constantly redesigned, while building and running millions of them; SCs are perhaps designed once. Most often, SCs are typically a conglomerate of ad hoc additions and pieces glued together as its operations run over and over again.

We work with our clients to first take a look at the SC as they run it, and then we partner with them to make their SCs more resilient, agile, and responsive. Without necessarily increasing the cost of operation…

…“use your brain, not your wallet”.


Carlos Nieva and Ignacio Blanco-Traba